Natural Face Lift

Natural face lift massage incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques drawn from both Japanese and Indian Face massage. It also incorporates complementary techniques from Acupressure and Facial Reflexology. This facial massage sequence involves no needles, surgery or harsh chemicals, it is a holistic approach to harmonise physical, psychological and spiritual health and beauty.

This advanced method of traditional facial massage treats the surface and deep facial tissues through hand and finger manipulation to release stress and trauma locked into the muscles and energy of the face, head and neck.

These techniques can:

  • Increase blood circulation, enabling capillaries to efficiently deliver nutrients to the skin’s surface
  • Stimulate the nervous system and improve lymphatic flow drawing bacteria and toxins away from skin cells
  • Strengthen and tone muscles to help prevent skin sagging and fine lines as well as repairing and balancing the condition of skin to minimise the ageing process
  • Restore energy and release blockages to bring new flow to the body’s energy system.

Treatments use a base almond massage oil or oil of clients skincare preference. This is not a ‘normal’ beauty facial so clients will be asked to remove their own make-up before treatments.

This is a lovely treatment to as a one off session but for more effective results it is advisable to try a course, therefore I am offering a buy 4 treatments and receive 5th treatment for free special offer.