Approximately 75% of doctors’ appointments are stress related which indicates a major impact on the working practices of your staff. Offering a complimentary therapy such as Reflexology and Indian Head Massage could highlight to your staff that the corporate management care about their worker’s health and welfare. Stress relief for the workforce can encourage better working practices and could encourage lower levels of sick leave and absenteeism.

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage can help to alleviate symptoms of back ache and tension from sitting at a desk for long periods as well as RSI relief from repetitive typing. Many clients have felt relief from headaches and other acute symptoms such as sinus pain, stomach bloating and neck and shoulder tension which can affect day to day activities. These therapies can also promote better sleep patterns, relaxation and encourage a holistic approach to life – encouraging staff to look at all aspects of their lifestyle and promote long term changes rather than dealing with immediate symptoms on an individual basis.

I have a lafuma treatment chair and all the equipment which is appropriate for a session which I can bring into the offices and would only require a small space to set up a practice room. Indian Head Massage can take place at people’s desk or on an office chair and recipients remain fully clothed.

I am happy to offer 15 and 30 minute Hand/Foot Reflexology or Indian head massage sessions to your staff and I am also happy to accept individual bookings to staff members if they wish to have extra treatments in their own time.

Prices are negotiable dependant on your company requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further details and I hope that you will consider adding Reflexology and Indian Head Massage therapy to your portfolio of staff welfare.